Happy 2009!

martes, 13 de octubre de 2009
Well, aftter a long time since the last entry (in part due to the Christmas break, in part due to the many fronts of daily work) here we are to cntinue sharing our opinion on the world of SaaS in 2009.

And, what kind of year will 2009 for the world of SaaS / Cloud Computing? It's had to say, it could be said that during years of crisis people take lewss risks, but these are also good years to focus on what really wokrks, and to try to stop burnlng money in a siilly way, this reduces the resistance to changfe ... so, we'll see if this is a year full of SaaS or the year of disillusionment.

We certainly think this is going to be a year full of SaaS:)

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